Verbatim Design | Graphic Design in Providence, Rhode Island
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Graphic Design in Providence, Rhode Island

At Verbatim, we have been working with graphic design since the early 1980’s. We work with a large variety of customers on an even larger variety of projects.

Logos and Business Cards

We produce a wide range of printed pieces for a variety of organizations which include company branding such as logos, business cards, letterhead and envelopes.


This continues into advertising where we create postcards, notecards, holiday cards, trading cards, booklets, brochures, guidebooks, catalogs, posters, placemats, newsletters, print ads, and PowerPoint presentations.

Schools and Universities

We create publications for universities, colleges and other private institutions. These include course catalogs, factbooks and promotional materials such as brochures.

Book Design

We have created over 400 scholarly monographs and textbooks in a wide variety of languages including French, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and German for academic clients all over the world.

Special Projects/Packaging

We have worked on a wide variety of projects such as PowerPoint presentations for business conferences. We have designed CDs and the packaging material that come with them. We have created posters for various clients and business expos, holiday cards, envelopes, baseball cards, movie posters, placemats, wedding invitations (including connected materials like envelopes and stamps), political campaign pieces, bumper stickers, and a variety of other projects.